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N. Taylor Mullen: ASP.NET vNext

Tags: orchard-cms, orchard-harvest, asp.net, asp.net-mvc

These are just my own notes.

  • Learn to type faster.
  • Use Hyper-V to install VS 2014 CTP (don’t install side by side)
  • When in trouble, restart Visual Studio.
  • Learn OWIN.
  • Startup.cs > Order matters for configuration priority.
    • new Configuration()
    • app.Map()
    • app.Run()
    • app.UseServices()
    • app.UseMvc()
  • Configuration Files
    • project.json > does this replace csproj?
      • dependencies > use –* to get the most recent versions.
      • commands
      • configurations
    • config.json > does this replace web.config?
    • config.ini > what does this replace?
    • global.json > goes into solution items
      • sources
      • this allows you to step into the sources
  • Package manager log.
    • Check this often to see what it’s importing
  • POCO Controllers
    • Controllers do not have to implement the Controller class.
    • Then use coding by convention; <Named>Controller.
    • Then use DI to pull in Controller properties via, for instance:
      • Constructor injection
      • Property injection (just declare the property)
  • Views & View Components
    • Use coding by convention; <Named>ViewComponent
      • Invoke()
      • InvokeAsync()
    • Related to the <Named>Controller and <Named>.cshtml view.
    • The view can have @Component.Invoke() in razor.
    • Views can also have async.
  • Command Line Programming