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Microsoft Azure PowerShell API Commands

Tags: powershell, azure, ms-azure




List all websites.

Switch-AzureMode AzureServiceManagement
Create new website.
New-AzureWebsite –Name the-website-name
Create new website, with specified server farm (aka web hosting plan)
Coming soon.

List all websites, sort by compute mode then name, view as table. Use this to determine what sites are running in different compute modes (e.g. Free, Dedicated)

Get-AzureWebsite | Sort-Object { $.ComputeMode, $.Name } | format-table -Property Name, HostNames, ComputeMode –autosize
Set WebSite’s AppSettings (e.g. deployment project)
$settings = New-Object Hashtable;
$settings[“Project”] = “TheProjectName.csproj”;
Set-AzureWebsite the-website-name –AppSettings $settings
View Website’s AppSettings
(Get-AzureWebsite the-website-name).AppSettings

Delete a website, without confirmation.

Remove-AzureWebsite –Name some-name –Force


List all resources.

Switch-AzureMode AzureResourceManager

List all resources, websites only, view as table.

Get-AzureResource | Where-Object { $_.ResourceType -eq 'Microsoft.Web/Sites' } | format-table

List all resource properties.

Get-AzureResource | Get-Member

Get Azure PowerShell API Version


Change the Website Hosting Plan (aka Server Farm) of a Website

    -Name the-website-name
    -ResourceGroupName 'Default-Web-WestUS' 
    -ResourceType 'Microsoft.Web/sites' 
    -ApiVersion '2014-04-01-preview' 
    -PropertyObject @{ 'ServerFarm' = 'Default1' }