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Enlist in the Orchard source and set up a company upstream repository.

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Clone from Orchard Source and enter the resulting repo directory.

git clone https://git01.codeplex.com/orchard
cd orchard

At this point, if you run git remote -v you will see that remote as your origin. Since you don't want to be pushing to the Orchard source, next set an upstream for your company.

Add a new remote for your company.

Create a repository in GitHub (or wherever), then set it as upstream with these commands.

# be sure to add your own remote repo url
git remote add company [email protected]:bigfont/orchard-continuous-integration-demo.git
git fetch company
git branch --set-upstream-to company/master

Integrate the new remote and push to it.

git pull
git push

The advantage of the above setup, is that when you want to update from Orchard source, you can just run `git pull origin`, and when you want to push to your company remote, you can run `git push`.